Know your food.

Search and compare nutritional information, ingredients, allergens and claims on food products, either in-store or at home.

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Foodeye is the mobile phone App that allows people who are interested in food to access accurate, complete and up-to-date information about food products and compare those products in order to make better choices about what they eat.

Directly compare products

Add products to your comparison list and line them up side by side to compare their contents. The comparison list can be sorted on any of the Nutritional elements from highest to lowest. You can view either the per serving or per 100g amounts.

View all of the details you normally see on the pack in standard, easy to read format

No more hard to read labels! Foodeye displays the product information the same way for every product, making it easier to read and a breeze to compare products.

Add products to your comparison list

You can add or remove items from your comparison list, which is saved in your on-line profile for future use. Any product can be added or removed from the comparison list so you can mix and match the products you are comparing.

Sort your comparison list

Select a nutritional element (like Fat, Sugar or Sodium) to sort your comparison list. This ranks the products by the selected nutrient and makes it easy to see which product best suits your needs.

Scan the barcode of a product or search by name, brand or category

Simply scan the barcode of a product to view the product details, or use the powerful search function to bring up a list of products that match your criteria.

Refine your search

Choose the levels of any nutrient to refine your search even further (e.g. less than 10% fat). Serious users can drill down to precisely the products they are interested in.

Eliminate products from your search

Products with certain ingredients (like peanuts) can be excluded from your search. Any number of ingredients can be added to the exclusion list so you only see the products you are most interested in.

Add to favourites and share

Add products to your favourites list and share them with your friends via Facebook, Twitter etc. Now you can tell the world how much you love that just-released new food item.

Save your search criteria for push notifications

Get push notifications of new products that match the criteria you save in your profile. Or for the product junkie, just get notified of every new product as it gets listed.

We let you decide which products you want to eat

We don’t want to tell you what you should and shouldn’t eat. You probably already know that, right? Foodeye simply lets you take control and examine the contents of any food item and lets you make an informed choice about what you want to buy and consume. Feast on the knowledge!